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Please enroll me as a member so I may learn and help others to learn
some of the lesser known methods of restoring and maintaining health.
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Membership to end of year (or following year if after Sept. 30), $3.00 ($6 = 2 years, $9 = 3years).
Includes Forecast times, and Newsletters when published, usually four per year.
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USA standard shipping FREE (Contact us for foreign shipments, or for Priority additional postage.)
Item descriptions are on our Home Page.
#1: Spectro-Chrome Information Package: items A, F, N (DVD) @ $20________
#2: Spectro-Chrome Information Package: items I (German), F, N (DVD) @ $20________
#3: Add to price of an Info Package if item M is also desired. @ $12________
#4: Add to price of an Info Package if item P is also desired. @ $17________
#5: Add to price of an Info Package if item S is also desired. @ $4________
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Our DVDs will run on any DVD player as they are not regionally coded.
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